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Climate tech is not just an industry, it's an economy shift towards a more sustainable future, and it will impact every industry. It's an exciting and rapidly growing space...which can also be intimidating. You might be asking:What is climate tech?
How can I start looking for a job in climate?
Where can I learn more about the opportunities out there?
Where will my skill set make the biggest impact?
This site compiles resources to help you on your climate journey. Explore climate communities, job boards, connections, and educational materials that are available to support you.Congratulations on making the decision to work on climate solutions. We need millions more like you. As you embark on this journey, know that there is a community here ready and willing to support you.You are not alone!

Brand new to climate tech? Try this approach:

1. Browse the resources and media in the "Media" tab
2. Join Slack workspaces in the "Communities" tab
3. Look at the job boards and identify opportunities
4. Find a local or virtual meetup
5. Join a program to take your search to the next level

I built this site as an answer to the hundreds of questions I get about how to get started working on climate solutions. If you have suggestions for growing this resource, or if you'd like some additional help getting started, feel free to contact me directly!Jack Fritzinger

Climate Communities

Virtual communities for people working on climate solutions

My Climate Journey

About: My Climate Journey is a climate collective with three pillars: community (paid membership to a Slack workspace), media (fantastic podcast), and startup investment.Who it's for: MCJ is a wonderful all-in-one resource for people who are new to climate and want to quickly learn about the space while meeting others who are embarking on their own climate journeys!Details: Access to the community comes with a paid subscription and requires a short application.

Work on Climate

About: Work on Climate is an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about climate work. Find climate jobs with the support of a network of other climate job seekers.Who it's for: Active job seekers.Details: Free access to the community. WoC also has resources, a blog, and events.


About: ClimateU is a centralized resource for the European climate entrepreneurship scene. Find jobs, info for founders & investors, plus insights and community groups.Who it's for: Climate folks in Europe!Details: Access is free for job seekers, with premium tiers for startups and investors.

Climate Vine

About: Climate Vine is a membership community meant to accelerate individual and collective climate action. The community runs as a continuous conference and an action-oriented lab.Who it's for: Experts who have diverse backgrounds, ranging from policy, investment, corporate, non-profit, entrepreneurship, and tech & science.Details: Competitive application process, 3 month themed cohort + paid annual membership. Members spend about 1-3 hours a week in curated small groups, socials and off-the-record conversations with climate leaders.


About: AirMiners is a virtual community focused on Carbon-Dioxide Removal (CDR), which means finding ways to actually pull CO2 from the atmosphere (hence "air miners").Who it's for: AirMiners is the place to be if you're interested in CDR!Details: Free Slack community plus an educational program for people new to the CDR space.

Climate Techies

About: Climate Techies, part of 4WARD.VC, is a global community of climate professionals working together to collaboratively combat climate change by engaging and connecting relevant stakeholders.Who it's for: Climate startups, investors/VCs, corporates, government agencies, non-profits & service providers with an interest in climate & sustainability.Details: Includes both paid and free membership, local and online networking events, and access to Slack + Whatsapp communities for strategic networking and partnership.

Climate Action Tech

About: Climate Action Tech is a Slack community for people to meet, discuss, learn and take climate action together.Who it's for: People focused on one or more of the following areas:1. Business culture & behavior change
2. Green software engineering
3. Sustainable product design
4. Low-carbon infrastructure
Details: Access is free. CAT also offers events and meetups.

New Energy Nexus

About: New Energy Nexus builds ecosystems and runs programs that are locally tailored to support the specific needs of entrepreneurs in that region: providing accelerator services, capital, mentoring, skills and networks to help clean energy entrepreneurs thrive.Who it's for: People interested in renewable energy.Details: Free Slack community

Climate Designers

About: Climate Designers is a global community of designers working on climate solutions. They have educational resources, a podcast, IRL meetups through local chapters, and a job board.Who it's for: Designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using their creative skills for climate action!Details: Free, with the option to support through a monthly donation/subscription.

Climate Programs

Structured programs built for learning and networking

About: offers curriculum-based climate education, events, and community. Their flagship Learning for Action course provides comprehensive education on the climate crisis, the Software for Climate course helps folks transition into climate tech, and they have many other programs if you want to go deeper into a specific area.Who it's for: People looking for hands-on education and community while transitioning their career to climate tech.Details: The flagship program runs 12 weeks and costs $1500. Length and fees for other programs vary. Additional resources - like their job fairs and new app for climate job seekers - are free!

Climatebase Fellowship

About: The Climatebase Fellowship (CBF), in partnership with OnePointFive, is a climate career accelerator for climate founders, innovators, and peers. You'll get access to community, climate education, and project-based work opportunities in climate, which is a great way to gain experience.Who it's for: CBF is still pretty new, but Climatebase is known for its fantastic job board so this program is sure to be a good fit for job seekers looking to build a climate career.Details: CBF runs nine weeks and costs $2000 to participate. There is an application process to become a member.

OnePointFive Academy

About: OnePointFive is a climate solutions consultancy working to help every organization grow sustainably without destroying the planet.Who it's for: Aspiring and advancing climate consultants! The OnePointFive Academy is designed and led by climate experts to immediately level-up your climate and sustainability consultancy skills and apply them to impactful projects all over the world.Details: A paid, 6-week program with scholarship options available.

Ecotopian Careers

About: Ecotopian Careers offers a self-paced online course accompanied by optional 1-1 coaching sessions. They also curate a great list of upcoming climate-related webinars!Who it's for: Ecotopian Careers is geared towards mid-career folks looking to make the transition into the green economy. That said, they define "mid-career" loosely, and the content is applicable to the vast majority of climate job seekers.Details: The self-paced course takes about 10 hours to complete and costs $199. You have the option to add as many 1:1 coaching sessions with the founder Joseph as you'd like.

Global Futures Education

About: Global Futures of Climate is a self-paced online course that covers science-based climate challenges and solutions across three modules: Climate Crisis and Turnaround, Old and New Energy Systems, and Ecosystem Collapse and Reboot.Who it's for: Professionals, executives and entrepreneurs seeking a deep understanding of the intensifying global climate challenges and the solutions that will enable them to take leadership in the growing climate solutions economy.Details: Self-paced, science-based online Climate Education Course includes 12 Lessons (3-4 hours each). Cost: $450. Certificate of Completion.


About: Free climate courses, offered in bite-sized portions via email. Current topics include Intro to Climate, Carbon Removal, Code Red for Humanity, and Climate Companies.Who it's for: People who are new to the climate space and looking to streamline their learning process.Details: Free courses + community! The intro class is two weeks long and the others are 3-4 days each.

Climate Job Boards

Browse, search, sort, and filter climate job opportunities


A comprehensive job board where you can browse by climate sector or use a plethora of filters to find your perfect job.


Climate jobs in Europe! This site also has resources for EU-based investors and founders.

Climate Tech List

ClimateTechList aggregates 20,000+ job openings from 600+ climate tech companies and updates them daily, presenting them in an easy-to-use search interface. Plus in-depth profiles on each company along with articles/resources for navigating the climate tech job search.

Climate People

Climate People is a climate recruiting company. It's a good place to look for technical roles, primarily software engineering.Also check out their amazing new Climate Job Seeker Playbook!

Impact Hustlers

Impact Hustlers has a comprehensive job board which includes climate opportunities plus roles in other impact-driven industries like health and education. It is a great resource to find opportunities in Europe, though they are not exclusive to Europe!They also have a great podcast!

Climate Career Portal

The Climate Career Portal is a digital skills transition platform developed by Iron & Earth which connects fossil fuel and Indigenous workers with career pathways in the net-zero economy.


Leafr is a climate freelancing platform. They have a network of 100s of vetted designers, data scientists, generalists and climate experts, and offer discounts to early-stage climate startups.

Carbon Removal Jobs

A directory of hundreds of opportunities in the rapidly growing carbon dioxide removal space.

LinkedIn Sustainability Jobs Collection

A live list of "green" jobs curated by LinkedIn. Over 160k jobs as of this writing, so be prepared to filter!

Job Boards Within Climate Communities

Both My Climate Journey and Work on Climate have great job channels within their Slack communities. These channels are harder to filter, but easier to connect directly with the person posting the opportunity.

Job Boards From VCs and Accelerators

Find open roles at the portfolio companies of these investors:- Elemental Excelerator
- Lowercarbon Capital
- Powerhouse Ventures
- Third Sphere
- Congruent Ventures
- Greentown Labs
- Unreasonable Group
Tip: Most investors will have job boards for their portfolio companies. Find investors who focus on your areas of interest, then look at their portfolio companies!

Climate Connections

Meet 1:1 with people working in climate

Open Door Climate

About: #OpenDoorClimate is a community of climate professionals making themselves available to chat with climate career seekers. If you are looking to enter the climate field, you can connect with a climate professional who will share their journey, answer questions, and offer resources.Who it's for: Climate newbies wanting to talk to people who have already made the leap.Details: Free! Browse the directory or search #OpenDoorClimate on LinkedIn to find people who are willing to chat! Schedule with them directly, there is no matchmaking tool.

Climate and Capital Connect

About: Climate & Capital Connect is a professional networking platform for climate action. Every other week they will match you with someone based on your interests and experience.Who it's for: People who already have deep experience in a climate-related industry and are looking to grow their network.Details: There is an application and monthly fee of $10-$20 to participate.They also run a great newsletter over at Climate & Capital Media

About: is building a platform for climate work. Their mission: Get 100 million people to work directly on climate in this decade.In addition to their amazing climate education programs, they have an app where you can connect directly with hiring managers, join job fairs, and build a professional community in climate tech!Who it's for: Climate job seekers at any stage or experience level.Details: Access to job fairs and the app is free for job seekers.

Climate Draft

About: Climate Draft mobilizes top talent to work with leading climate startups as advisors, investors, and team members. They run programs that facilitate 1:1 matching between talent and companies.Who it's for: C-suite or VP-level employees at a non-climate company who want to connect with venture-backed climate startups.Details: There is an application, but no fee to participate.

Impact Hustlers

About: Impact Hustlers Talent Collective matches climate job seekers with companies based upon a survey documenting your preferences.Who it's for: Job seekers at all stages and experience levels. Impact Hustlers is a great resource to find opportunities in Europe, though they are not exclusive to Europe!Details: Free


About: Greenwork is a professional network for hands-on climate work. Their community focuses on electricians, engineers, manufacturing folks, and others who are directly building the clean economy. Users can share projects, connect with one another, and apply for jobs.Who it's for: Everyone, but with an industrial/manufacturing/construction slant.Details: Free

Climate Education & Media

Places to soak in knowledge and stay up to date


Drawdown's mission is to help the world reach “drawdown”—the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping catastrophic climate change—as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.Their site is packed with resources to help you navigate the world of climate tech and understand the key drivers of carbon emissions. I especially recommend the Drawdown Roadmap free video series.


Carbon180 works with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and peer organizations across the US to design policies that will bring necessary carbon removal solutions to gigaton scale.It's a great spot to learn more about climate policy and carbon removal!

Free Sustainability Courses from the UN

37 courses and counting on Sustainability and Climate Change from the UN's System Staff College. All classes are free and some are offered in multiple languages!